Ellipse-The Sensual Pleasure Wear


Ellipse has been founded in 1985 in Medellin, Colombia by Juan Guillermo Correa. It started all with some 1000 string thongs, but at the time when Ellipse designed these sexy lingerie with cotton insert they were the first company and therefore sold them in less than a month. Quite a successful story until now where Ellipse has grown to a medium-sized company with about 200 employees.

Currently Ellipse designs, produces and distributes all lingerie and swimwear products in it's own plant at Medellin. All fabrics are sourced from reputable suppliers in Europe.

Ellipse is launching 5 collections per year. One of those is a beachwear collection which became quite famous in Germany within 2012. The important lingerie collections are Ellipse Novia which is a bridal series and Ellipse Nuit which is a sexy, seductive collection. There are also Ellipse Girly, a fresh and cool series for naughty girls and Ellipse Essentials which is a basics collection with lingerie for every day.

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The Fashion World of 72 Smalldive

There's a considerable improvement in the lifestyle of people around the globe.  Thanks to the improved civilization which leads to the invention of the fashion products these days. 72 Smalldive, the exquisite design house for woman fashion hand bags has unique products in store.

'At 72 Smalldive, concepts of life’s pleasures and comforts are rigorously challenged, sought for, and redefined. The aim is to build a deluxe nook where speculative philosophy meets passion so that an indefinitely lasting style will be conceived.'  It's slow retail concepts meticulously uses both machinery and handcrafted skills in the production of the enchanting creations. 

'The label hopes that a new perspective towards consumption, where the context and history of design and craft skills precedes before visual aesthetics, and the material worth of a product, maybe inculcated. Therefore 72 Smalldive endeavours to involve artisans in the making of its products. ' says 72 Smalldive the organization which believes in the innovation of fashion products.

Each fashion products of the great organization 72 Smalldive is one of the kind. It makes life interesting and worthwhile since the products are really beautiful, bringing real joy to the fashion lovers.

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HeartmadePrints-The Beautiful Scarf Collections

Hellen van Berkel, a young graduate of the Design Academy in Eindhoven is more passionate about designing beautiful scarf collections. Armed with the experience of several well known fashion houses, she began designing scarf collections for an international market. This helped her to further develop her skill of blending print pattern and texture. Also this gave her the confidence to produce her own scarf collection, as a result she launched her own label Hellen van Berkel Heartmade Prints in 2005. In addition to this, she further specialized in the creative use of textiles under the name Studio Hellen van Berkel.

At present, she develops two different lines, COLLECTION and ATELIER. while experimenting with embroidery, pattern color and qualities, which results in single unique products, she further uses this knowledge for her seasonal produces collection. There is heavy demand for her Studio by the fashion industry and interior design companies to manage projects, create product series, develop color concepts and accessories collections.

'Hellen’s collection has a very distinctive signature. Free from commercial restrictions or seasonal trends, she designs single copies or limited series with an authentic handmade quality. She mixes traditional block printing and silkscreen printing with the latest digital print techniques and adds exquisite handmade embroidery. The source of this unique style of embroidery is in India, where these skills are passed down through generations. Combining material and technique, Hellen creates original work.'

Through the invasion of new technology involving machine embroidery and computer aided design, Hellen faces new challenges which is inevitable. This opens up the new collection series, nevertheless she still maintains her unique signature. Hellen is passionately involved in several fashion industry production projects. The ladies socks and tights collection, the products from the famous Dutch store HEMA , is also developed by her for 7 years already. Companies verily recognize and appreciate her rich experience and know-how of the creative use of textiles.

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Kati:ga-The Love Blend for Tiny Tots

Children around the globe are so cute and lovable, isn't it? All children are equal in beauty, no matter where they are from. Every growing children must be taken care by respective parents in all their essential needs. To bring them up constitutes the main duty of all the parents as those sweet kids are totally dependent on them. Like food, shelter and education, providing safe dress for them also is of utmost important. 

We all wish our kids to appear better especially when it comes to dressing. It's  not simply dressing well but also wearing safe and suitable outfits that really matters. Whenever we think about the outfits for kids, we also think about their health as such we wish to keep them away from harmful dresses. Here comes Kati:ga the organization that provides safe and hygienic dresses for children which is originally made out of 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified). 

The kids design house Kati:ga originally started procuring its first organic collection for babys & kids during 2008.  The independent label Kati:ga stands for sportive, exclusive styling combined with cool and high quality material. 'We care exceptionally for a fair and sustainable production as well as best quality standard' proudly says Kati:ga the organization that dreams for children health.

The wide range of Kati:ga children outfits are casual hoodies, cool college jackets, trousers, shirts, overalls and bodies from newborn until 7 years. The colors of the Kati:ga designed children outfits are highly pleasing and enchanting. These beautiful outfits are exclusively for boys and girls who deserves to be well dressed. The noble thought of bringing organic outfits for children makes Kati:ga stand apart amidst the fancy world. Their slogan WE CARE ABOUT WHAT WE LOVE – WE LOVE WHAT WE WEAR verily confirms the ethical practice of Kati:ga in providing safe outfits for children around the world.

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Laura J. Designs-The Heaven on Earth

Laura J. Designs is a unique collection of intricate and flawless detailed work rendered with a variety of metals and a vibrant assortment of semi-precious stones. Designs ranges from stylish to sophisticated, antique to feminine, just view the collection.

Laura J is an emerging Philadelphia artist, distinguished in fashion magazines for her eclectic collection of fine handcrafted jewelry. With two diverse lines to chose from, Laura J. Designs is a unique collection of intricate and flawless detailed work rendered with a variety of metals and a vibrant assortment of semi-precious stones. Laura J. Designs ranges from stylish to sophisticated, antique to feminine, and is available in the Tri-state area to the discerning boutique shopper. Debuting in March 2004, Laura Jackson Weddings is a line of inspirational wedding pieces, and an exciting new addition. The wedding collection has been a hit, one look at the delicate pink pearls, crystals, twisted silk cord and romantic touches, and it’s obvious why brides and bridesmaids of many tastes find exactly what they have been looking for. Among her favorite mediums: sterling silver, copper and 14k gold laced with a diversity of stones ranging in color from ruby reds to turquoise blues. This Main Line native handcrafts every piece in her Philadelphia studio. 

With a warm and creative energy that translates into her work, Laura is a designer to watch. Laura J. Designs combines elegance and sophistication with her exceptional handmade jewelry. Carried in stores nationwide, her line is known in high-end boutiques, galleries and jewelry stores. Using precious and semi precious stones such as Rubies, Sapphires, London Blue Topaz, Citrine, Peridot, Garnet, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Chalcedony, pearl and many others combined with beautiful metals, Laura creates stunning and unique designs. Briolettes in heart, pear and teardrop shape are some of her favorite cuts of semi-precious stones. Because these quality stones are cut to perfection, the appearance of her work is stunning. Not only are her designs stylish, hip and elegant, they also have extreme durability. Each pieces is handmade to perfection in everyway and gives off it’s own presence. 

Laura has several collections consisting of handmade earrings, handmade necklaces, handmade bracelets and handmade wedding jewelry. Beautiful pearls with twisted silk cord or combined with lovely gold-filled or silver metals create an appearance that is luxurious and elegant. Some of Laura’s favorite metals are 14K gold-filled and Sterling Silver. 14 and 18K gold can be custom designed to suit every buyers needs. With the stunning gemstones Laura uses to create her handcrafted jewelry, each and every collection is a much have for the fashion forward cosmopolitan woman. Earrings come in Hoop, Chandelier, Chain and Drop styles and are affordable and reasonably priced. Necklaces range from a standard 16″ to multi strand wraps arounds or Lariattes. Multi chains dripping with style and elegance would fit into any wardrobe as well as Lauraƕs more demure styles. 

Delicate and breathtakingly beautiful necklaces and earrings designed with Rubies, Garnets, Tourmalines, Pearls and much more are the perfect accessory. If semi-precious and precious gemstones are not for you then the perfect solution is Laura’s handmade “Metals Jewelry Line” which consists only of metal. Quality designs that are hand hammered with a unique handcrafted look are some favorites. Most designs are finished with a matte or satin type of polish that gives the piece of jewelry an extremely unique and refined look. If you love Tourmalines, Chalcedony, Garnets, Citrine, Peridot, Lemon Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Quartz or any other gemstone then this is the handmade jewelry line for you. The variety that Laura J. Designs encompasses is beyond the imagination. There is truly something for any and every buyer. You can find delicate and refined or bold and funky jewelry. it is your choice!

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R.A.R Fashion-A Stylish Approach

The world appears better with the greater thoughts of fashion these days. People are conscious about their personality as such good looking has become the way of life. R.A.R fashion, the exclusive women fashion design house has so much in store. It has Grey Leather Jacket, Gold and Pattern Jumpsuit, Leopard Print Dress, which verily proclaims the great design work of R.A.R Fashion as a whole.

Women are more aware of their beautiful look. This very point made R.A.R Fashion to create the best fashion dress design for every young woman of this globe.

R.A.R Fashion was originally founded in the year 2009 by its CEO/Head Designer Ryan Anton Read. This innovative organization is based out of North London, UK. The exciting news for the fashion loving women is the brand started re-branding till summer 2013.

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coll.part.- The Perfect Art

Beauty adds life. 'A thing of beauty is joy forever' is the great saying. With beauty, this world appears better and peaceful. How interesting it would be to find the beautiful products around us.

Here comes coll.part. the design house to introduce the beautiful products to the fashion loving community of this globe. The fine collection of fashionable and decorative articles combining up-cycled materials and design with ethical production is the specialty of coll.part. the organization which has the dream to give only the best. Nina Raeber the great designer who founded coll.part. in 2003 is a visionary to introduce only the best quality and beautiful products.

Women-bags/Accessories in spectacular colors and design, Men-bags/Accessories in different range and Interior Design products are some of the added attraction of coll.part. It gives lot of self confidence to own a product that is different and unique. 'An artist is the creator of beautiful thing' is the quote by the great author Oscar Wilde. This lovable and artistic products will certainly win the hearts of millions for sure, thanks to coll.part. for this beautiful idea that make the society happy and prosperous.

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Marco Marcu Haute Couture-The Fashion Attack

Interesting, enterprising and innovative fashion design is the essence of Marco Marcu Haute Couture, the design house  which took Germany to storms through its exciting women's fashion.The designing traits of Marco Marcu was first revealed at the Enkamania Fashion Awards in the year 1998. Attracting the hearts of many fashion lovers, that event made a turning point and ultimately made him to open his own signature design studio and retail boutique. Thereafter he has become the heart throb of millions and oft looked for designer on runways from Frankfurt, Berlin, Dubai to the astonishing  Waldorf Astoria in New York.

Marco Marcu, a ball gown designer earlier, has emerged as a official fashion designer for Miss World and Miss Germany in 2011. His popularity won him the Wash Couture Fashion Award, a special prize at the Frankfurt Exhibition, and has been named an Aenne Burda Laureate.

On several occasions, he had been the finalist in the prestigious Modedesigner Cup competition and was recently nominated for the 2010 German Fashion Film Award. He is also the proud designer who created all the women's fashion outfits for several music videos, red carpets Looks and television programmers.

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ClubCouture-Where Fashion Meets Love

The fashion outfits often creates the tender feeling amidst the women around the globe. Love has a lasting value, as such, this very statement gives the valid reason why people tend to get the feeling of love. We are made out of what we wear. The dress differentiates us, differentiate anyone indeed. What we wear is of utmost important the way what we eat. When ClubCouture represents the love for fashion, friendship and love, there is no wonder why people wear this fabulous and exciting woman fashion outfits, isn't it?

Every woman appears better with the comfortable fashion outfits, they like most. A good dress promotes harmony, love and peace as a whole. The innumerable range of outfits from ClubCouture will certainly keep every young woman happy always.

ClubCouture designer wear has the vide cohice to select. The Floral Printed Mini Dress, Sleeveless Dress in Yellow, Strapless Striped Dress, Vanilla mood White lace Dress, and Floral Splash Dress are some of the impressive fashion outfits which will excite every fashion loving heart in real sense. 

ClubCouture designer wear products are easily available as it has the infrastructure to ship worldwide. To get the product, one may shop at www.clubcouture.cc

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