The Virtues of the World

Life goes on for a common man,
As the train aims for a destined journey.
What we are now doesn't matter,
What we are going to achieve is what really matters!

We could see the life everywhere
There's life in birds, animals and plants.
A life added with love must be great.
A life without love is certainly a waste!

This beautiful sky really indicates,
The broad minded state of nature!
The mind that understand every feeling.
The mind with a heart that could comprehend.

'Love thy neighbor' is a good saying.
'Love all' might be the great saying!
This world needs the goodness of love.
Love all, give unconditional love, Can't you?

This train goes for a particular destination.
And so the life of every human.
This train gonna stop at one  point for sure.
Let's practice goodness before the life stops forever!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

Theorem Jewelry-The Tale of Modern Fashion

In these days fashion ornaments plays a vital role in every woman's life. One can't imagine a woman without ornament as it adds beauty to the already beautiful woman making more confident and dazzling.
Theorem Jewelry from Miami, Florida is originally designed for confident ladies en vogue.

Theorem Jewelry is the outcome of the inspiration by the Miami nightlife, the New York street style and the Parisian class. The interesting fact is, every collection of Theorem Jewelry is inspired by its customers. The unique collection of Theorem Jewelry is made for fearless, high fashion girls who wear what they want when they want.

'Theorem jewelry is made of base metal with 14k gold plating, rhodium plating, and crystals. Every piece is meant to make a statement and be styled up or down for any occasion. We value uniqueness and individuality and incorporate this into each design'  says the design house of these innovating jewelry collections.

'The artist is the creator of beautiful thing' is the bold statement by the genius author Oscar Wilde. The amazing collection of Theorem Jewelry reveals the truth of how it inspires the fashion loving women around the globe.

A Fashion Article by Ayubkhan.U
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Manice from Charlotte Boute-A Touch of Indian Designs

The ever growing fashion has brought happiness and everlasting joy to mankind. It makes one's life meaningful to display the fashion en vogue. It is amazing to witness the fashion around the globe especially Women fashion outfits. Manice the great fashion brand from Charlotte Boute has promising collections for the fashion loving woman around the world.

Love is a great feeling , its true. But fashion triggers love, changing one from the monotonous lifestyle to enterprising and interesting moments of life that one could ever forget. 

Charlotte Boute the designer who holds a degree in Management Engineering has rich experience of having trained with top brass designers like Elvis Pompilio, Pierre Gauthier abroad is originally fascinated by India is in love with fabrics.She put all her experiences to create her famous chatoyant dresses. Her great brand Manice which offers a range of dresses that represent the lightness and freshness of a young designer creating vivid moments which cannot be erased by time.

'With "Mosa├»ques", she presents an innovative collection that meets the challenges of the sector while satisfying the demands of her clientele.'  Her enchanting collection of these women fashion designs clearly indicates that Charlotte Boute is full of energy and is wholeheartedly committed to her brand for sure.

A Fashion Review by Ayubkhan.U
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Lisa Gibson-Her Vibrant Designs

Lisa  Gibson is a leading fashion and textile designer based at UK. As a designer, she produced the vibrant and most sought after garments as well as accessories. Lisa Gibson grew up in a small village in Stafford shire and took fancy for creativity, getting glitter and sequins everywhere making cards for the entire family irrespective of being a small girl. 

In November 2009 Lisa Gibson successfully graduated from Bournemouth University with a 2.1 in BA Honors fashion and textiles. During this time, she learned the skills of the trade as such she produced her final year collection which ultimately was selected to show at Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court London. 

'Lisa's graduate collection titled 'abstract nature' was her first collection, inspired by her love of nature. After a large amount of development of designs and fabric manipulation she fell in love with the machine embroidered fabric that she was creating, and knew that would be the basis of the collection, with the use of simple shapes with intricate seaming and detail and beautiful textiles.'

Her graduate show made a turning point as Lisa started to get noticed within the fashion world and this led to a string of other shows with the collection over the following fashion year.

Till now Lisa has produced more collections of clothing which she adore as luxurious, wearable and comfortable to wear, as well as stylish and trendy. In 2012, Lisa became a finalist in the Midlands Fashion Designer Awards with her Spring/Summer13 collection. Lisa Gibson Womenswear Collections considered to be note worthy among the elite fashion group, which is one more feather on her cap. 


A Fashion Article by Ayubkhan.U

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