Peace-A Poem

At this bright morning with positive ideas,
The thought of pleasure is replaced,
With the idea of peace to bloom;
And to make our life meaningful.

This world is complex not because it is!
Mainly because its made that way.
When human efforts fail to produce result,
The easy becomes complex, is it not?

Let us make our future bright, 
With clear thoughts and perfect ideas!
When life is filled with opportunities,
Why to worry for spilled milk?

It is hope that keep this world going.
Yet love makes everything possible.
When your goals are clear,
All you need is to keep going!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

Being Lonely

This evening sounds gloomy;
As dark sky competes with darker clouds!
Engulfing dullness which reduces my pace,
My wandering mind is searching my love everywhere!

This passion causes agony;
The agony that one knew not.
When life's futile effort ends with loneliness,
How one could ever expect love to bloom!

The entire world seems to be busy;
Am I destined to be alone?
Her reflecting face mocking at me,
Of my being alone and deserted!

There is a world within the world,
For the one to dwell or live.
If the world of thought could make me get stuck,
Is this world ever worth living?

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U