Brynn Capella-The Reign of The Rainbow

Brynn Capella the young and energetic Californian Designer who made the Windy City enterprising through her vibrant bag designs and unique approach in making the same. California being the heavenly abode of every girl is also a favorite place for the enthusiastic Brynn Capella who has the dream of a true artist to give only the best.

'Less will always be more' Brynn proudly says. This philosophy is the base of all her collections which often made simple yet gives a rich look indeed. Brynn  Capella the young American Designer is more particular about manufacturing the handbags locally as such all her products are made in the city of Chicago. It enables her to maintain the highest customer service and best standard possible for each of her bags. These colorful, artistic handbags are widely used by the fashion loving women of the city. The luxurious Italian leather handbags are  the mix of her relaxed coastal upbringing and  her urban Chicago lifestyle.

'You can take the girl out of California, but you can't take California out of the girl' says Brynn Capella the Designer who creates fashion handbags, the one who knows the feel and need of the city dwellers. All her handbags are unconventional and unorthodox in its design and style. Each piece carries the artists very own signature, that is her logo embossed into the products, proclaims the very talent of Brynn Capella, the designer as a whole.

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ShopBevel’s Stunning Studs-The Design of Enduring Value, the oasis for aspiring designers, has greater plans to help all designers by guiding them to market their creativity at best. encourages all designers to submit their designs which in turn are given for voting and the designs with good response from the public will be manufactured at Besides great fame, the selected designers will also be given royalty for their approved designs. It’s really great news, as anyone with good talent and creativity in making jewelry design will certainly succeed with this great idea of ShopBevel. Thanks to Courtney McColgan, the founder who made the elusive success as assured success.

ShopBevel now comes with Stunning Studs, which makes the beautiful women much more beautiful and prettier than ever before. Emerald Glitter Rhinestone Earrings and Gold Elephant Studs are the latest added attraction, which ultimately has become the talk of the town for its elegant look and unique style. With stylish outlook, Emerald Glitter Rhinestone Earrings and Gold Elephant Studs prove to be the mark of excellence indeed.

Emerald Glitter Rhinestone Earrings with its attractive retail price $36, is the proud Winner of the Emerald City Challenge - highlighting the Pantone Color of the Year.

Gold Elephant Studs, the yet another beautiful product is really worth mentioning. With its attractive retail price of $25, this great designer ornament is the Winner of the Wild Thing Challenge - highlighting animal-themed trends.

In addition to its attractive price, ShopBevel also offers 25% Reader Discount which makes the product highly affordable. To avail this discount one must use the Reader Discount Code BBSTUDS. The discount code is valid till the end of July 2013.

ShopBevel extends its helping hand to work with the international community of jewelry designers around the globe in 34 countries. The fortunate designers identified by ShopBevel are the most sought after creative professional living all over the world.  Surprisingly, these designers are with or without design degree ranging from the age group of children to adult. Though some designers have full time jobs in creative filed, the rest of them are well known for their association with ShopBevel, apart from their personal success, is the amazing fact to note.

ShopBevel is the paradise for consumer who is seeking unique jewelry design from the fashion world. Further, ShopBevel serves as a platform for aspiring designers to display their talent in style.

Armed with 4000 designers, ShopBevel has so far attracted 150000 plus votes and 30000 plus users from 34 countries around the world.

The roaring success of Shopbevel enabled to be featured on Today Show, InStyle, People, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and others. Shopbevel, a venture-backed by Lightbank and Great Oaks (seed investors in Modcloth, Warby Parker, and Bonobos) proclaims the credibility of the company in real sense.

If any one loves Sunshine and Moonlights, it’s sure they will also love Emerald Glitter Rhinestone Earrings and Gold Elephant Studs with all their heart, as the same is made beautifully for every beautiful heart of this world.

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Annuk Creations-The World of Colorful Art

The world will sound more lovable and exciting with simple, yet interesting colorful arts.'The morality in an art consists the perfect use of an imperfect medium' is the famous quote by the great author Oscar Wilde. Anna from Annuk Creations makes this statement true through her ability to convert anything into art through her artistic approach. The inspiration came through her travel to Greece and Aegean sea, as such, all her design reflects the vibrant colors of Gold, Blue and White invariably.

Being a mixed media jewelry designer, Anna enjoys creating Mediterranean wearable art in her home in the Alps. This amazing designer's work of art verily creates the feel of the summer, the sea, the sun and gives the sensation of white rocks and sand, bringing the nature much closer to us as a whole. 'The Artist is the creator of beautiful things' is the statement by Oscar Wilde, ultimately comes true with the magnificent work of art by Anna from Annuk Creations who just uses wood, metal, wire, clay, glass and paint to bring out the best work of art as masterpiece. 

'My creations come from an emotion, a passion, a dream... and that's what I'm bringing you: a dream you can wear. In my boutique you will find unique handmade art jewelry for a woman with personality and style. All of my jewels are one-of-a-kind pieces, so there will be no-one else in the world wearing the same piece you are going to wear! I passionately love COLOR and LIGHT, and my wearable art adds a splash of COLOR and personality to the woman who wears it. Choose from many styles and materials, wear a piece handmade with love!' is the proud statement by the designer who has the passion to create the best designs of art.

Nature strengthens us quite often and creates the best artists around the globe. Nature helps the creatures of the whole world. Inspired by nature, this artist creates the best products with simple materials like glass, polymer clay, metal sheets and wood. She is very confident to turn anything into a great piece of art indeed.

To know more about the designer Anna's artistic creations, do visit her website www.annukcreations.wix/home 

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Vietto-Ecological Fashion Redefined

The tremendous growth in the field of Fashion nurtures harmonious living, in addition to being a symbol of civilization. With Vietto, there is not only great fashion, also render support for ecological cause through its products.'Innovative Independent Ecological Fashion' is the mesmerizing tagline of the great brand Vietto.

'Vietto is an independent eco fashion label founded in 2007 by Minna Kaartinen. Vietto is all about innovative, fresh and surprising fashion made of ecological materials 100% ethically in Finland. Clothing is made of high quality organic cotton, hemp, tencel, bamboo, and carefully chosen left over and recycled fabrics. Vietto clothing and accessories are developing in a constant designing process. The collection stays out for more than a few months expressing an ambition for a more enduring and sustainable fashion. However, beside the classics some new intriguing highlight pieces pop up every season. Vietto products are reflecting their designer's interest into extraordinary contrasts and urban culture. Design is a mixture of unusual but timeless shapes, convertibility and comfort' is the interesting proclamation by Vietto to cherish.

Thanks to Vietto for showing great concern to this global fashion lovers, through its ecological fashion outfits. The clothing made of high quality organic cotton, clearly assures the health as well as indicates its great effort in preserving nature, the wonder of God. 

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ATGAB-Breathing New Life En Vogue

Breathing new life is the very objective of ATGAB(All Things Green And Beautiful) a Singapore based company founded by Eco-Designer Elaine Pang in 2009.  ATGAB nurtures Rethinking, Re-imagining, Redesigning, Recycling through its Eco friendly and innovative fashion products.

The mission of ATGAB is to preserve the environment. 'Recycling is our business. Our vision: to have everyone we know we can play a part in saving the earth' says ATGAB. By up cycling the leather PVC material ATGAB gives a new lease of life to its products.

All the ATGAB's beautiful women bags, accessories and other products- painstakingly crafted by hand, are made from 50-80% scrap or recycled materials donated by public. ATGAB’s designers take extreme pride in their workmanship and pay attention to the tiniest details.

 'With courage, creativity, consistency and commitment, we seek to first change ourselves and hence, the environment we live in. Our efforts may be small but through our work, we hope to make a small but positive difference to our world. We want to make environment friendly changes in our everyday lives. We wish to influence everyone who contributes to our efforts or buys our products. We hope that the warm embers of conservation, the spark of our passion for preservation will ignite and be aflame within everyone through ATGAB' is the voice of its proud designers.

To like ATGAB on Facebook visit the link

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Your Lasting Special Moments with F.N.U.E Jewelry

How interesting it would be to enter the world of fashion, which verily differs from the monotonous and dull world.  Often we like to be something special, Isn’t it? If this statement is true, certainly we need to love and wear something special and innovative to make our life exciting and interesting. Here comes F.N.U.E Jewelry for the fashion lovers with its clear definition of this master piece.


F.N.U.E Jewelry is fun, flirtatious jewelry, full of flowers and gemstones. F.N.U.E is an acronym for From Now Until Eternity; handcrafted jewelry from sterling silver, vermeil and precious gemstones. The F.N.U.E collection is "Jewelry for the Heart, From the Heart", distinguished by timeless classic original pieces of art that can be passed down through the generations. Designer, Halley Barney, carves each one of her original flowers from wax to achieve the best possible texture and hand forge all of the other concepts from sterling silver. Halley's jewelry is made in NYC and has been inspired from the love of her friends and family.’



Every woman will appear more and more beautiful with this beautifully designed jewelry. Thanks to Halley Barney, whose tireless effort has made this brand unique and one more successful.

Just visit F.N.U.E Jewelry and select the one suitable according to your taste from the varied range of nicely crafted fashion and designer ornaments.


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YoolaDesign-The Wire Crochet Jewelry World

'Welcome to YoolaDesign, an enchanting world of wire crochet jewelry designed by Yael Falk. Here you will find the perfect Jewelery for Brides and their Bridesmaids, a wonderful place to pamper yourself and your close ones.'

 'Less is more-is my main design concept. I wish I could design with air, but since I can't, I use thin, delicate wires to create clean, geometric jewelry that in some designs "cages" air. The work is done in a rare technique using a tiny crochet hook and nothing but my bare hands. I learned the basic technique in Montreux, Switzerland a couple of years ago and have been developing unique patterns and designs based on this technique ever since. Almost everything that crosses my life becomes a source of inspiration for me. It can be a film I see, a flower, a thorn or a trip to a new culture. I always carry my little sketchbook with me, ready to write down notes and scribble the idea that crosses my mind.' says Yael Falk, the one who designed this prestigious brand YoolaDesign.

The exquisite jewelries meticulously crafted  by Yael Falk makes YoolaDesign stand apart. It is sure, every women from the fashion world will certainly love and adore this brand for its craftsmanship and style indeed. 

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Briseis Couture-The Oasis of Women's Fashion

The evolution of civilization is in line with the evolution of great fashion as the influx of more and more designers around the globe started bringing positive change to fashion lovers. 

'briseis couture aims for the stars Classy & elegant, yet not old fashioned. Professional & strong, but not intimidating. Young, creative, yet not childlike. briseis couture was created with thoughts to dress a woman, who knows of who she is...' is the proclamation by the company where women's fashion is being redefined.

Every woman with great family responsibility also has the personal responsibility to appear better. To live in style and to show great care and concern to this world is the unique quality of modern women. Thanks to briseis couture, with its range of products like trench coat, two-tone evening dress, knitted dress and many more fashion dresses, helps every women to feel comfortable and to feel at ease. 

briseis couture is a German Brand made for every successful women.  'It initially began in 2009, when Jacqueline Friedmann established the label in Frankfurt. The style of her first collection "the office chair acrobat" was described in the following way: "It is her, the Amazon of conference rooms, the lady warrior of the coffee kitchen. armed with timer and notebook skillfully circumnavigating the cliffs of an average day at the office. She changes the world successfully and unstoppable. With aesthetics and style she flawlessly dances across a parquet of numbers and decisions. While gliding from one appointment to another, her colleagues admiring looks are certain. of the colleagues. A marvelous woman. A heroine of the everyday life. A genuine office chair acrobat." briseis couture is multifaceted and wants to herald the return of femininity!' is the story of briseis couture, the brand defined by values.  

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