Creating Ambience-The IndiBlogger Ambi Pur Magic

When IndiBlogger announced the bloggers meet sponsored by Ambi Pur, I was so excited to attend the same since it is my first blogger meet at Chennai. 'Escape Into Freshness' is not just a title for this event, as the meet gave me freshness and strength to see more youthful bloggers and some of senior citizen bloggers in one line. There is no age for thought or writing, as such this Ambi Pur meet organized by IndiBlogger proved to be youthful as the venue was filled with positive vibrations that filled joy in every heart over there.

This meet has much more significance since I attended along with my daughter Fahima, who is also a IndiBlogger. She must be the youngest blogger to attend such meet. When we entered Hyatt Regency at 12.30 PM, we found many bloggers, who were already assembled over there. I noticed the happy and jubilant faces among them and we introduced each other with much interest and excitement. I met Ms. Anbarasi, a young blogger who traveled all the way from Chengulput to visit this meet. 
The program started at 1.30 which made the gathering cheerful, joyful and enterprising. It is a rare occasion to meet the bloggers in person, I made the best use of it by introducing myself with as many bloggers as I can and exchanged our views and clarified doubts among us.

The IndiBlogger team organized various programs nicely and there were many gifts and giveaways, which cheered the bloggers and kept the event in full spirit. We had the delicious lunch at 2.30 PM and there after much more interesting events were performed by the organizers. The final important event was Stage performance by four group of bloggers. All the groups, within the given time performed nicely, yet the well performed 'Citrus' group bagged the prize. The meet ended with the speeches given by many ambitious youths about their various upcoming projects for the social cause.

All the bloggers were given T-Shirts and were served high tea before leaving the premises. A memorable evening, gaining more blogger friends made all of us to feel happy indeed. Thanks to IndiBlogger and Ambi Pur to arrange such nice event which made every one of us to look forward to the next Chennai meet very eagerly. 

                                                                An article by Ayubkhan.U

Inspiring Fashion-A Poem

This world evolves with fashion thoughts,
Giving new hopes and new possibilities!
The soul cannot rest with ordinary,
As fashion makes this world extraordinary!

This young girl looks confident,
With the fashion outfits and accessories!
Fashion makes the world appear better,
And she finds a totally new world indeed!

Man is identified by what he wears!
As fashion wear makes one jubilant, isn't it?
The touch of fashion increases love,
As love is often a state of mind!
The idea of fashion is a blessing,
As new ideas enhance lifestyle!
When age differentiates the people,
Fashion always unites the world!

This world must be a fashion domain,
A beautiful look finds a beautiful mind!
The entire world is behind the beauty,
And the beauty is created by Fashion!

                               A Fashion Poem by Ayubkhan.U

The Nature's Mechanism-A Poem

This world goes on with casual stride!
It has long road and usual traffic,
And trees both side with casual  people around!
Urgency being revealed in every element that moves!

The earth is messy with smoke and pollution.
There's mechanical stride in human presence!
Yet the sky is clear with no cloud around,
As the sky is clear like a clean slate!

God made these people to live in peace!
But man made these gadgets that drive the peace!
The world carpeted by glorious nature,
Is widely disturbed by ruining gadgets!

God created mankind for better living,
Man invented those machines that enslave!
Love erupts from the heart of every people,
That completely recedes 'cause of these mechanical devices!

If you ever wish to live, then love,
Love with all your heart, love most heartily!
Show care and concern to the poor and needy,
Love all, as the love is eternal and everlasting!

                                                             A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

Evelyn Curtis Handmade Jump Suit from Young Republic

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                                                          A Fashion Article by Ayubkhan.U

Love Attributes-A Poem

This world seems to be a mystery,
Shall we make it better to achieve the mastery!
This blue sky is the real pleasure, isn't it?
And this deep sea has the world with in!

Love attributes confines real pleasure,
And reveals the art of clear thinking!
This love life makes a great deal,
By transforming simple things greater!

When the golden sun vanishes in the west,
And the glittering stars started showing the face,
When the tender moon comprehend the heart,
O Almighty, I thank for bestowing these pleasures!

                                               A Poem by Ayubkhan.U