The Nature's Mechanism-A Poem

This world goes on with casual stride!
It has long road and usual traffic,
And trees both side with casual  people around!
Urgency being revealed in every element that moves!

The earth is messy with smoke and pollution.
There's mechanical stride in human presence!
Yet the sky is clear with no cloud around,
As the sky is clear like a clean slate!

God made these people to live in peace!
But man made these gadgets that drive the peace!
The world carpeted by glorious nature,
Is widely disturbed by ruining gadgets!

God created mankind for better living,
Man invented those machines that enslave!
Love erupts from the heart of every people,
That completely recedes 'cause of these mechanical devices!

If you ever wish to live, then love,
Love with all your heart, love most heartily!
Show care and concern to the poor and needy,
Love all, as the love is eternal and everlasting!

                                                             A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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