Life At Ramco

It was a busy evening, to swim amidst the traffic of Chennai’s peak hours is not that easy? Yet life keeps going on and we are of no exception. With certain amount of excitement, I proceeded to attend the bloggers meet at M/s.Ramco Systems near Madhya Kailash, a prominent landmark at Adyar. At the entrance near the reception desk of Ramco I was given the ID and other necessary information about the event by a team of youth who were energetic and jubilant.

At this point of time it becomes imminent to tell a few worlds about Dinfluencer team who organized this event in a very systematic way with extraordinary dedication.

People often want to work for more money, yet the working environment of the organization plays the key role in staying with the organization for a longer period. The present day’s employees are highly talented, fun loving, ready to work smart rather than to work hard, as it was in olden days. At the same time, if situation demands, one also works harder as the growth of organization equally contributes to the ability and dedication of each employee as a whole.
The basement hall where the meeting conducted was lively and cheerful with many bloggers both men and women along with Ramco employees and the organizers. After a brief introduction about the company and its mission, the visiting bloggers were separated as four groups to make the visit to certain lively departments in order to understand how the staff of Ramco is able to relax and unwind amidst their busy work schedule.

The first one was an inbuilt cafeteria where world’s best coffee is being served with the help of high tech coffee machine and excellent staff who manages the same. They demonstrated the Barista coffee preparation en vogue. The hall which was beautifully decorated created excellent ambiance for the staff and visitors as a whole.

Our next visit intended to see the spacious yoga and dance area meant for relaxation for the staff amidst their daily job routine to unwind and stay healthy. It is a nice move by the management who show care and concern of the welfare of their staff most heartily.

And we visited the HR department of the company which was placed unconventional, unique and employee friendly with its different seating arrangement and nice interior designs.

That evening ended with nice snacks buffet besides more information about the staff benefits at Ramco, a place where employees can carve their future with good financial benefits and perks to dream of.

An article by Ayubkhan.U


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