Brynn Capella-The Reign of The Rainbow

Brynn Capella the young and energetic Californian Designer who made the Windy City enterprising through her vibrant bag designs and unique approach in making the same. California being the heavenly abode of every girl is also a favorite place for the enthusiastic Brynn Capella who has the dream of a true artist to give only the best.

'Less will always be more' Brynn proudly says. This philosophy is the base of all her collections which often made simple yet gives a rich look indeed. Brynn  Capella the young American Designer is more particular about manufacturing the handbags locally as such all her products are made in the city of Chicago. It enables her to maintain the highest customer service and best standard possible for each of her bags. These colorful, artistic handbags are widely used by the fashion loving women of the city. The luxurious Italian leather handbags are  the mix of her relaxed coastal upbringing and  her urban Chicago lifestyle.

'You can take the girl out of California, but you can't take California out of the girl' says Brynn Capella the Designer who creates fashion handbags, the one who knows the feel and need of the city dwellers. All her handbags are unconventional and unorthodox in its design and style. Each piece carries the artists very own signature, that is her logo embossed into the products, proclaims the very talent of Brynn Capella, the designer as a whole.

A Fashion Article by Ayubkhan.U
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