The Virtues of the World

Life goes on for a common man,
As the train aims for a destined journey.
What we are now doesn't matter,
What we are going to achieve is what really matters!

We could see the life everywhere
There's life in birds, animals and plants.
A life added with love must be great.
A life without love is certainly a waste!

This beautiful sky really indicates,
The broad minded state of nature!
The mind that understand every feeling.
The mind with a heart that could comprehend.

'Love thy neighbor' is a good saying.
'Love all' might be the great saying!
This world needs the goodness of love.
Love all, give unconditional love, Can't you?

This train goes for a particular destination.
And so the life of every human.
This train gonna stop at one  point for sure.
Let's practice goodness before the life stops forever!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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