The Fashion World of 72 Smalldive

There's a considerable improvement in the lifestyle of people around the globe.  Thanks to the improved civilization which leads to the invention of the fashion products these days. 72 Smalldive, the exquisite design house for woman fashion hand bags has unique products in store.

'At 72 Smalldive, concepts of life’s pleasures and comforts are rigorously challenged, sought for, and redefined. The aim is to build a deluxe nook where speculative philosophy meets passion so that an indefinitely lasting style will be conceived.'  It's slow retail concepts meticulously uses both machinery and handcrafted skills in the production of the enchanting creations. 

'The label hopes that a new perspective towards consumption, where the context and history of design and craft skills precedes before visual aesthetics, and the material worth of a product, maybe inculcated. Therefore 72 Smalldive endeavours to involve artisans in the making of its products. ' says 72 Smalldive the organization which believes in the innovation of fashion products.

Each fashion products of the great organization 72 Smalldive is one of the kind. It makes life interesting and worthwhile since the products are really beautiful, bringing real joy to the fashion lovers.

A Fashion Article by Ayubkhan.U 
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Indu Sharma said...

Nice blog. You should use picasa for showing some more pics.. :) Tempting :)

Olivia Inkster said...

Loving this line!

Thanks so much for sharing!
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SuperEirene Villanueva said...

I love those bags. It's simple but looks elegant.