Marco Marcu Haute Couture-The Fashion Attack

Interesting, enterprising and innovative fashion design is the essence of Marco Marcu Haute Couture, the design house  which took Germany to storms through its exciting women's fashion.The designing traits of Marco Marcu was first revealed at the Enkamania Fashion Awards in the year 1998. Attracting the hearts of many fashion lovers, that event made a turning point and ultimately made him to open his own signature design studio and retail boutique. Thereafter he has become the heart throb of millions and oft looked for designer on runways from Frankfurt, Berlin, Dubai to the astonishing  Waldorf Astoria in New York.

Marco Marcu, a ball gown designer earlier, has emerged as a official fashion designer for Miss World and Miss Germany in 2011. His popularity won him the Wash Couture Fashion Award, a special prize at the Frankfurt Exhibition, and has been named an Aenne Burda Laureate.

On several occasions, he had been the finalist in the prestigious Modedesigner Cup competition and was recently nominated for the 2010 German Fashion Film Award. He is also the proud designer who created all the women's fashion outfits for several music videos, red carpets Looks and television programmers.

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