HeartmadePrints-The Beautiful Scarf Collections

Hellen van Berkel, a young graduate of the Design Academy in Eindhoven is more passionate about designing beautiful scarf collections. Armed with the experience of several well known fashion houses, she began designing scarf collections for an international market. This helped her to further develop her skill of blending print pattern and texture. Also this gave her the confidence to produce her own scarf collection, as a result she launched her own label Hellen van Berkel Heartmade Prints in 2005. In addition to this, she further specialized in the creative use of textiles under the name Studio Hellen van Berkel.

At present, she develops two different lines, COLLECTION and ATELIER. while experimenting with embroidery, pattern color and qualities, which results in single unique products, she further uses this knowledge for her seasonal produces collection. There is heavy demand for her Studio by the fashion industry and interior design companies to manage projects, create product series, develop color concepts and accessories collections.

'Hellen’s collection has a very distinctive signature. Free from commercial restrictions or seasonal trends, she designs single copies or limited series with an authentic handmade quality. She mixes traditional block printing and silkscreen printing with the latest digital print techniques and adds exquisite handmade embroidery. The source of this unique style of embroidery is in India, where these skills are passed down through generations. Combining material and technique, Hellen creates original work.'

Through the invasion of new technology involving machine embroidery and computer aided design, Hellen faces new challenges which is inevitable. This opens up the new collection series, nevertheless she still maintains her unique signature. Hellen is passionately involved in several fashion industry production projects. The ladies socks and tights collection, the products from the famous Dutch store HEMA , is also developed by her for 7 years already. Companies verily recognize and appreciate her rich experience and know-how of the creative use of textiles.

A Fashion Article by Ayubkhan.U
Photo Courtesy: https://www.cityblis.com/heartmadeprints


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