Goodness is Within You-A Poem

The sky is clear
As the heaven is near
Your eye has tears
Why do you fear?

Turn your face towards love.
As you can always give.
This world, a sort of hive,
Where all the good souls can live!

Replace your wants to usefulness.
And happiness to satisfaction!
Try to help, before expecting from others!
There is more to give and make others live.

Goodness is not around you!
Goodness is within you!
Eradicate the poisonous herb,
And nurture the fruit bearing trees!

Happiness is the birth place of your mind!
So, keep your mind healthy!
Cruel thoughts are highly contagious.
Keep your mind always clean!  

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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jewelry said...

La luz, el colorido, la transparencia, los reflejos....