YoolaDesign-The Wire Crochet Jewelry World

'Welcome to YoolaDesign, an enchanting world of wire crochet jewelry designed by Yael Falk. Here you will find the perfect Jewelery for Brides and their Bridesmaids, a wonderful place to pamper yourself and your close ones.'

 'Less is more-is my main design concept. I wish I could design with air, but since I can't, I use thin, delicate wires to create clean, geometric jewelry that in some designs "cages" air. The work is done in a rare technique using a tiny crochet hook and nothing but my bare hands. I learned the basic technique in Montreux, Switzerland a couple of years ago and have been developing unique patterns and designs based on this technique ever since. Almost everything that crosses my life becomes a source of inspiration for me. It can be a film I see, a flower, a thorn or a trip to a new culture. I always carry my little sketchbook with me, ready to write down notes and scribble the idea that crosses my mind.' says Yael Falk, the one who designed this prestigious brand YoolaDesign.

The exquisite jewelries meticulously crafted  by Yael Falk makes YoolaDesign stand apart. It is sure, every women from the fashion world will certainly love and adore this brand for its craftsmanship and style indeed. 

A Fashion Article by Ayubkhan.U
Photo Courtesy: http://www.cityblis.com/yooladesign

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