Inspiring Fashion-A Poem

This world evolves with fashion thoughts,
Giving new hopes and new possibilities!
The soul cannot rest with ordinary,
As fashion makes this world extraordinary!

This young girl looks confident,
With the fashion outfits and accessories!
Fashion makes the world appear better,
And she finds a totally new world indeed!

Man is identified by what he wears!
As fashion wear makes one jubilant, isn't it?
The touch of fashion increases love,
As love is often a state of mind!
The idea of fashion is a blessing,
As new ideas enhance lifestyle!
When age differentiates the people,
Fashion always unites the world!

This world must be a fashion domain,
A beautiful look finds a beautiful mind!
The entire world is behind the beauty,
And the beauty is created by Fashion!

                               A Fashion Poem by Ayubkhan.U


Anonymous said...

I appreciate any kind of association between art/music/poetry/history & fashion! How inspiring!

rimshasarfaraz said...

nice poem!