The Two Moons-A Poem

I saw her standing there, looking thoughtfully!
Her dark eyes where searching something in me!
There was love in in her, I assumed!
It must have been love, I believed!
We were together in  the moonlight!
A moon on top and a moon nearby!
This moon on earth looked at me tenderly!
This moon has gravity, I really wondered!
In the dark room, the mild blue light encroached her face!
I could see her tender face clear and it was brighter!
She was full, expecting and eager!
I was confident willing and with excitement!
Between us there was nothing but love!
At a distance, we could hear the song of the heart!
Encircled with love, our time went by!
This sweet memory will last for a life time!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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