Love vs. Fashion-A Poem

This fashion is astounding,
As love revolves around fashion!
Fashion become the order of the day,
As this fashion is really astounding!

This love has a lasting value!
Fashion enhance the quality of love!
Love can be true, there's no doubt,
Yet fashion does the face lift for love!

There is fashion everywhere!
The dress, the apparels, the cosmetics!
Love certainly has inner beauty,
Yet it is often recognized by outer beauty!

Tell me dear friend who loves the ugly one!
Trivial philosophies can't help anyway!
The reality conveys the absolute  truth!
Love often supported by the beauty, isn't it?

Grow your love, be a fashion frontier!
Have the latest fashion in store!
Often go for the best to be in vogue!
Get the best in life, Go for the best in fashion!

A Fashion poem by Ayubkhan.U 

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