Cherish Your Maternity-A Review

We all know that the woman, right from the inception having more responsibilities to fulfill. Especially when it comes to working woman they have  dual role to take care of  both at work and the house. The much adorable woman, who is worthy of more praise, evolves from one stage to another throughout her life. Yet the most significant stage to evolve is the  Motherhood as she has to undergo lot of physical pains and mental  pressures before she give birth to a child. This makes the woman much graceful, as such  to cherish maternity as a blessing.
Maternity Clothes

Here comes Cherish, an organization meant for exclusive sale of maternity wear,  is really a good news for all the new Moms. A wide range of  stylish maternity dresses, pregnancy cloths, maternity pillows, pregnancy related books and baby shower gifts are certainly the added advantage. This unique idea is originally formulated by Mrs.Arathi Kuppu, a dynamic woman entrepreneur who visualized the maternity  needs of  the pregnant woman in India and crafted these stylish maternity cloths at a very affordable price. Though worked as a IT professional abroad, her passion to contribute to the maternity need of Indian woman made her to return to India with a view to form this wonderful establishment.

Pregnancy Books 

Having three retail outlets in prominent locations at Bangalore and three more in Pune, Cochin and Trivandrum,  Cherish ensures the availability of these essential products to many deserving moms across the Country, with easy accessibility. Orders can be placed through the company's exclusive website  for which the delivery is made approximately with in three to four working days.

Baby Shower Gifts

For any pregnant woman, the information and valuable ideas about pregnancy is of utmost important. Cherish has precious books on various topics relevant to pregnancy, is certainly a boon for the expecting mothers.  Apart from this, they also have useful Baby Shower Gifts which proves the innovative methods of this unique organization. Delivery of products are effectively handled as one can easily reach through the customer service number +91 9900567477.  The Company's founder, who understood the real need of pregnant women by way of constant interaction with the neighboring people, meticulously crafted these unique products, is the very secret of its success.


Vikas Temgire said...

nice one bro especially for married men and women to get special treatment in their good time

Harshiika said...

I have ordered on this site. it is a fraud site!!!! don't order and save yourself the harassment!

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